Apr 19


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listening to a sad song that has a nice beat


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“It’s sad,how you go from intimacy to nothing, cold turkey.
I mean, how many people along the way have true meaning in your life?
And to suddenly have no contact after.
It’s sad.” — Denny Crane.

Apr 10

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I want a movie about a guy who runs for president and wins but then suddenly realizes that he doesn’t want to be president, so he just starts doing ridiculous things all the time trying to get impeached, but it NEVER WORKS because they always miraculously end up…

This. Someone. Make it happen.

Apr 07

"Bury me" by EYLUL ASLAN on Flickr.girls, they wanna have fun

"Bury me" by EYLUL ASLAN on Flickr.

girls, they wanna have fun

FONTANE by BER ARCE on Flickr.pwr//

FONTANE by BER ARCE on Flickr.